My Interview With Sam Sarpong

Anyone trying to make it in Hollywood, words of advice from Sam Sarpong,

“Gotta be persistent…most of all, gotta be yourself and know yourself.”

Sam Sarpong, is a host on BET’s Fashion Show, Behind The Scenes All Access. He hosted the BET Awards Pre-show. During the BET Awards he presented the new category for the “Best International Artist” award. He was also the lead male acting role in Chris Brown’s “Don’t Judge Me” (Remix video). Aside from all this, Sarpong filmed a pilot with BET called “Underground”, which will be released this year. This won’t stop Sarpong from doing it big in 2014; he is expecting to be in six movies this year.  This summer Sam will be filming “Crossed the Line”, an action thriller starring Ice T and Vanessa Williams.


Sam Sarpong was the face of Tommy Hilfiger for over eight years, winning five major fashion awards in the first year of his modeling career, including the prestigious M.A.A. Award for New Model of the Year, being the second black male model in history to win the award next to Tyson Beckford. Sarpong is now the spokesperson for KD Luxe Jewelry. He will also be hosting, “Madd Swag”, an upcoming show on BET.

Attended by Christian Monzon,superman producer Ilya Silkind,director Ken Kokin,actor Brooklyn Mcclinn from parenthood,"It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia actress Lauren Pennington, and the cast of sam's show "The Chosen One" ; Photo credit Koi Sojer
Attended by Christian Monzon,Superman Producer Ilya Silkind,Director Ken Kokin,actor Brooklyn Mcclinn from Parenthood,”It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” actress Lauren Pennington, and the cast of Sam’s show “The Chosen One”. Photo credit Koi Sojer

BMW and Mens Style Fashion 2013, sponsored by BMW Beverly Hills Men Style Fashion and Earbombz Headphones, award’s star of the year, Sam Sarpong said,

Photo credit Koi Sojer
Photo credit Koi Sojer




“I was very proud to win star of the year. It showed that all my hardwork as an all around entertainer is paying off for me”



Sam is dropping an album called “Lose My Mind” which features his first single “Boy London” that will be released next month.


‘“Lose My Mind” is a single that I have on the album. “Lose My Mind” is about going to the club, having fun, and just losing your mind…having fun-not thinking about life stresses anything. That is where that title kinda came from.” Sarpong said. “A lot of them[songs] deal with…you know dreaming big, the struggles of life, love. Definitely my album is very personal in the stuff I been through.”

Sam is a down-to-earth celebrity, who had a very enjoyable vibe throughout our entire interview. He is a people-person that considers his fans his extended family.  When asked was there someone special in his life…he avoided the question by saying that he is focused on his career; but he sees himself in the future being a family man…hint, hint.  Honestly during the interview there was a sense of nervousness, at first…who knows if it was the sexy dark chocolate on the other end of the receiver, or just star shocked either or Sam made me feel comfortable. Like a lot of celebs, Sam has never been to South Carolina. But that will hopefully change soon since he would LOVE to come out and host an upcoming event at Francis Marion University.

I appreciated Sam giving me his time for this interview everyone check him out and go follow him on his social sites: Twitter: @mrsamsarpong,  Instagram: @mrsamsarpong, Tumblr: And check back with me soon Sam is sending me over two of his singles on his new album “Lose My Mind”  for the dirty South of the Carolinas to vibe too.


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